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            Rural Revitalization Public Welfare, We are in Action
            Author:Editor: Jing LI     From: 2022-1-17 15:48:22
            On December 21, 2021, the opening ceremony of "Be Happiness·Be Health Public Welfare Action" sponsored by Shijiazhuang Civil Affairs Bureau and Shijiazhuang Charity Federation was held at Zhihe primary school, Beihe township, Xingtang county, Hebei province.
            General manager of King Mr. Zhang Chao-rong attended the event and made a speech on behalf of caring entrepreneurs. In this activity, King company sent the "happiness bags" and "health kits", worth 200,000 RMB, respectively, to the poor students and the elderly people in difficulties in the province. In addition, Mr. Zhang and president of Shijiazhuang Charity Federation Zhang Fawang visited the two families of assisted students and delivered the student grants to them.
            King company always makes it mission to take on social responsibilities. It has donated more than tens of millions yuan to the society since its foundation. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of foundation, we are confident to say we will provide the society better products and assume more social responsibilities.
            Text: Fei Huang