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            Digital Transformation of King On a New Level
            Author:Editor: Jing LI     From: 2022-1-17 13:19:32
            The two annual key digital construction projects of King, ERP upgrading and project management system, successfully pushed online on December 1st.
            The ERP upgrading project aims to optimize, integrate and improve supply chain, production, finance and other businesses, is of the comprehensive integration of PDM, OA and HR systems. It further promotes the integrated operation of research, production, supply and marketing, and finance businesses on the premise of vigorously promoting lean production in the company.
            The launch of the project management system effectively improves the overall cooperation and management level of the project, and realizes the status feedback, real-time monitoring and problem tracking control in the project execution process, thus ensuring the completion of the project with higher efficiency and quality.
            In the implementation of the overall projects, the leadership attaches great importance to them and all departments actively cooperate with each other. The project team works together to accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation on the basis of “solve practical problem” while in line with "urgent and common needs go first, make planning on the overall but implement it step-by-step, and be thinking, frequent and patient", so as to forge new capacity and core competitiveness for the company.
            The two systems has been successfully pushed online, which marks a new stage of King in the digital transformation.
            Text: Xiaoting GAO
            Photographs: Xiaohui ZHANG, Chen QU